First Day – Housekeeping

Getting Here

Car parking for the day can be found behind Waitrose or beneath Morrisons.

There is a bus stop for Brighton outside Costa Coffee and opposite it, one to Tunbridge Wells.

To the south west of the town is Crowborough railway station.

There are several coffee shops and light lunch places within the town centre.

There is no smoking on the premises or surrounding areas including the garden.

First Day

Phones need to be turned off during the day unless in personal emergency or during breaks.


Students are expected to tidy up after themselves and be responsible for the environment. Let tutors or the administrator know of any breakages or need for refills of toiletries or refreshment items. Wash up all cups or plates used. If you are the last person to leave a room, please turn off the lights and heating.


There is parking available behind Waitrose or underneath Morrisons. Students park at their own risk. Currently there is no parking charge underneath Morrisons or in certain areas of the Waitrose area carpark.


You are very welcome to use the kitchen for making hot drinks, or to use the toaster or microwave. Please take care when pouring hot liquids. As the space is very limited, please do not congregate in the kitchen but take your drinks/ lunch to the student common room or outside area. Please wash and dry up after yourself and put plates, cups and cutlery away.

Dunamis provide tea, coffee milk etc. for your refreshments. There are several coffee shops and light lunch places within the town centre.

Outside Space

You are welcome to use the outside space for breaks and sometimes during experiential exercises, please make sure you leave the area tidy and bolt the door after use.


We have a small library, called the Louise White Library, which is open during the day. You may read journals, periodicals and books. To borrow a book for two weeks, a refundable yearly deposit of £20 is required. We invite students to make a minimum 10 pence donation to go to our chosen charity.

Computer Use

There is a computer in the library area which may be made available for any student who does not have access to a computer. You can go online to access relevant periodicals and journals using the college reference and password.

If you want to copy articles and papers, we suggest using your phone to capture a pdf or a photograph. Photocopies or materials you wish to print may be done at a charge of 10 pence per sheet.

First Aid Box

There is a first aid box in the administration office.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are held once a term. The muster point is in the car park behind WH Smith in New Road. A member of staff will take the register.