About Dunamis

Counselling College

Dunamis Therapy Hub is a private counselling college that offers various diploma of counselling. Our courses include a humanistic creative therapeutic diploma in counselling. We also offer studio events for continual professional development. And therapeutic groups covering issues such as depression, anxiety and the challenges of parenting.

Based in East Sussex, we are passionate about writing, philosophical thinking, spiritual connections, creativity, imagination and research.

We will be holding some “Come and See” days where you can find out more about our next diploma course, commencing in September. Please contact us about our next “Come and See” days.

Our philosophy

We passionately believe in everyone’s potential to access dynamic energy to facilitate change. By sharing experience, wisdom and hope we can all move towards greater compassion, strength, wellbeing and love for self and others.

Our aim is to open-mindedly approach life issues as apposed to fitting people into pre-established frameworks.

By studying with Dunamis you will undertake humanistic creative therapeutic learning. You will train in Person Centered Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and learn about creative therapies and existential ideas. You can find out more about how to become a counsellor here – how do I become a counsellor?

Dunamis is a Greek word referring to “strength, power, or ability.” It is the root word of our English words dynamitedynamo and dynamic.

About Dunamis

Our college offers high-quality training in creative counselling therapy. The college is run by tutors with a collective counselling experience of over 60 years and tutoring experience of more than 30 years.

Our Diploma of Counselling course is part-time. Selection for the course is by application, interview and group participation. We seek to facilitate the growth of highly motivated, enthusiastic ethical counsellors.

Our expectations 

We expect our students will be independent learners and motivated towards professionalism. We assess their progress through the following:

  • Excellent time keeping
  • Excellent log and paper keeping
  • Personal responsibility for learning and reading around session aims
  • Membership of the BACP and adherence to the code of ethics
  • Social and emotional competency
  • Interactions with staff and other students
  • Introspection and reflection on their learning and counselling practice
  • Engagement with supervision and personal therapy 

Our ethical philosophy places a high value on community and we look for ways to positively engage with the wider community by:

  • Offering low-cost therapy to groups for depression, anxiety and for parenting issues
  • Offering a bursary as appropriate for reduced fees when funds permit for one student a year. The bursary will be offered on application prior to the start of the year, potential candidates will be interviewed and must fulfil the criteria set out for this link here. For an application contact the Dunamis course director link here
  • When Dunamis Studio events or the Diploma of counselling make a profit 10% will go to a chosen local charity.
  • When borrowing a book from the Dunamis library, students will be encouraged to contribute a small charge which will also go to our chosen charity

Fees and more 

Fees are payable in advance for the first three terms.
Fees are non-refundable if students choose to leave or are asked to leave for unethical practice.
Unethical practice will not be tolerated and will result in Dunamis taking all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure public safety.

A staff member is a trained first aider is on duty throughout the Diploma day. A First Aid box is kept in the course director’s office.

Fire drills are held once a term the muster point is in the car park behind WHSmith on New Road. 

In the event of a fire or the fire alarm sounding please leave the building immediately and make your way to the muster point and notify the tutor that you are present and of anyone you know who is absent.

The tutor will notify the fire service and take the register.